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Fri., March 8, 2013, midnight

Fagan debased us all

So this is who we are in Spokane: crass, uncivil, overly angry bullies. We, via an elected Spokane City Council member, call our governor a “lying whore.” Editorial headline: “Fagan back to weasel ways after Inslee slur” (Feb. 24).

A lying whore! Our city councilman, the honorable Fagan, applied such a despicable description to our governor in a fundraising email letter. Fagan represents us. None of our pastors seem to have a problem with this language. None of our teachers battling bullying in our schools seem to have a problem. None of our prominent business people have spoken up. Only The Spokesman-Review objected to such filth.

He has debased us all. Do you not care? Fagan is a tea party Republican. Do local party officials agree with his words? Apparently. Fagan co-hosts a Christian radio talk show. Is this current Christian thinking? I hope not.

I personally find his words disgusting and dishonorable. They bring shame upon our whole community. Fagan should resign.

Ralph Baker


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