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Say no to pot scares

In “Pot to hurt the poor,” Martina Coordes’ Feb. 25 letter, outdated scientific findings speculatively linked to adult IQ reduction from early pot-smoking poor kids was disseminated.

Thankfully, a special news section (“Boomer U,” Feb. 11) provided informed baby boomers of an alternative, socioeconomic status explanation of reductions in adulthood IQ among poor kids.

In all fairness, the new economic status-caused IQ reduction consistencies must not have been available to this respected youth substance abuse prevention professional when her letter was originally composed and submitted for publication. A lot of her other points were spot-on.

Baby boomers have seen enough half-truths and hypocritical marijuana scare propaganda serving the drug war and imprisonment industries.

Thus we have legalization, ending decades of wasted resources and wasted nonviolent lives.

Help the economy to help the poor.

Duane Schofield

Cusick, Wash.


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