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Sat., March 9, 2013, midnight

Put climate on back burner

I sat back and tried envisioning Nancy Street’s (March 5) future, where the president used his “administrative actions to keep our country’s land, water, air, and natural resources intact and free from fossil-fuel pollution.”

There are no cars whizzing down the highways, no planes soaring through the skies, and those evil freight trains, those diesel electric trains Street hates, they don’t exist. Why? Because in her America, nobody can afford them. There is no money. There are no jobs. There is no America as we know it.

We can worry about the climate when our economy is roaring again. We are spending more money than we can ever make. We are still fighting a war on multiple fronts. Afghanistan? Iraq? Anyone remember those? We give aid to every foreign country that asks for it, whether they wish us dead or not.

As for climate change, I’m still back at President Barack Obama’s losing $385 million of our tax dollars on Solyndra.

I’m 16. I, like millions, hope to get a job this summer. I think I can speak for the majority of my fellow job seekers when I say the economy comes first.

Chris Reichert


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