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MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013

A glance at what Spokesman-Review bloggers have to say

The Slice

By Paul Turner

March 5 – What did you think of how the S-R played the GU No. 1 thing?

A) Just right. B) Overkill. It’s just sports. C) Totally appropriate. It’s a big, big deal. D) To have done less would have suggested the paper is wedded to a dated model of what is A1 news. E) To have done less would have suggested that the paper simply is out of touch with the community. F) I’m OK with it, just so long as the night desk would have been willing to rip up that planned front page if something big had happened early Monday night. G) It was OK with me. But what if GU does something in the tournament? Planning to take 100 percent of A1? H) Totally right call. There will never be another first time being No. 1. I) A bit boosterish for my tastes, but I know a case could be made for it. J) I think it’s a treat for the paper’s readers. Maybe it will goose rack sales for one day, but I suspect those are a tiny portion of your overall circulation. K) Those who disapprove can always write angry letters to the editor. L) Give me a break. We all haven’t drunk the “Zags” Kool-Aid, you know. M) It was an appropriate salute for a good-news Spokane milestone many years in the making. N) Other.    

Down to Earth

By Paul Dillon

March 7 – Municipalities, take note. Streets are for all users, and there’s a voice that’s often lost in the planning process: kids.

The city of Tacoma reached out to the children of McCarver Elementary for their input on the future of two neighborhoods, Martin Luther King Jr. Subarea and Hilltop.

Precision Driving

By Bill Love

March 4 – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants electric vehicles to make their presence better known.  According to safety experts, electric cars and hybrids running in the electric mode emit too few decibels. In fact, the sound output of these vehicles is virtually nonexistent, making them a potential hazard to unwary pedestrians. 

In January, the NHTSA announced its intent to require the addition of noisemakers to electric and hybrid vehicles.  The agency is expected to issue a ruling after compiling public comment for 60 days.

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