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Miss Manners: Hats OK on ladies at day wedding

DEAR MISS MANNERS: What is the protocol for wearing hats? Can they be worn at a wedding? May women wear them only indoors? How does one politely ask a family member to please remove a baseball cap during one’s wedding ceremony?

GENTLE READER: During one’s wedding ceremony?

Are you telling Miss Manners that rather than gazing into the eyes of your beloved and listening to the officiant explain what you are getting yourself into, you were checking out the guests?

It is true that the only proper hats for wedding guests are outrageous ones worn by ladies attending daytime ceremonies. Had you caught the offender on his way in, you might have enlisted an usher to say, “Sir, would you mind removing your hat,” or appealed to your relative’s wife, mother or child to snatch it from his head.

However, you cannot police your own wedding guests. So you might just as well concentrate your attention on the ceremony.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Is it rude for me to take home several pieces of candy from a dish at my girlfriend’s dinner party without asking her permission to do so?

The candies were sitting out for anyone to eat. However, I didn’t want to eat them there, so I took several to eat later. Is this considered tacky or rude?

GENTLE READER: To treat someone else’s house as a free grocery store?

Refreshments of whatever kind are offered for guests to consume during their visits, not to allow them to stock up at the host’s expense. Miss Manners would like also to bring this rule to the attention of guests who ask to take home leftovers from meals.

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