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Hypocrites on North Korea

Not that I in any way support anything North Korea does, but aren’t we a bunch of hypocrites when we say that we can’t talk to them because they are wining and dining Dennis Rodman when the people are starving, yet our leaders throw extravagant inaugurations, wine and dine Hollywood stars, have Hawaii vacations and, of course, Camp David, among other retreats. Oh, and let’s not forget flying around in Air Force One to every event to further our president’s political means.

We have starving homeless people here, too. North Korea probably could feed more of their people, too, if they financed trillion-dollar deficits on the backs of the people. I haven’t seen any of our leaders taking any cuts in pay or their stupidly extravagant health benefits, much less their retirement.

With the technology we have, couldn’t the president see the damages of disasters just as easily at home as spending millions to travel to them? Seems just as much of a political show and waste of resources as North Korea feeding Rodman.

Mainly, it just shows how out of touch with reality our leaders are, and they are really just interested in furthering their own agenda.

Joe White

Otis Orchards


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