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Fees are out of control

Help. We need Tim Eyman again.

I guess the powers that be just cannot live with the will of the people. Didn’t we vote on $30 car license tabs?

Now, there are filing fees, license fees for road construction, vehicle weight fees (with or without driver?), license service fee for computer system, Transportation Benefit District fee (?), oh, and don’t forget the “optional” state parks donation. I bet the parks get a lot of donations? I am sure that will be mandatory next.

One more thing, you have to get new plates whether you need them or not now on a regular basis. My plates have never needed to be replaced. Please bring back the initiative to reduce the fees.

People have forgotten that the tea party stood for “taxed enough already.” It isn’t just a conservative idea; it is often the will of us taxpayers. Or does our vote mean nothing?

Wendell Smith



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