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Fri., March 15, 2013

Jail death a tragedy

My lack of faith in our judicial system has been reinstated. Yet again, a young man dies in jail who should have been cleared through the hospital before being booked. There have been too many deaths in county jails. I know of overcrowding and under-staffing, but come on. Then, to post on the inmate jail roster “death” next to his name, taking so long to notify the family. Was this a combined foul-up by all the departments involved?

Sorry, maybe I am wrong. My heart goes out to the family and my tears go to the young man, hoping and not knowing if he suffered. I would be on a bandwagon to take someone to hell, if this had happened to me. I am going by what I read in the paper, praying that it was all a big misprint or wrong information, or just a huge mistake. My heart tells me it is not.

When you are standing before the Creator on your judgment day, and he asks, “What is the worst thing you have ever done?” Remember, he already knows.

Diane Shepherd

Spokane Valley

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