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What did Stephens do?

Although I have now read several articles regarding Scott Stephens, I am still confused and more than a little worried. The article on March 3 (as well as Shawn Vestal’s article) seem to indicate that Stephens was put on leave from the Spokane Police Department for a veiled threat. Obviously, the man was upset about the changes his career faced, and certainly may have made inappropriate statements. Does that warrant being placed on leave? What else happened?

Over the 11 months that he was interim chief, he did a good job, according to Mayor David Condon and the media. Suddenly, he is demoted two levels because a position was removed. It appears to be an unwarranted demotion.

I don’t believe Condon is disclosing enough information. It has been two months since he said he would get this investigated, and the public informed. Now, we get to pay an outsider to investigate because Condon wants to ensure there is no internal bias. Sounds like there already has been internal bias.

As for the changes in the police department, have they really addressed the crime rate, Mayor Condon? It certainly does not appear so, yet. Don’t forget, we vote again in twoyears.

Beverly Gibb



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