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Illegal burning leads to calls

Spokane Valley Fire Department crews responded to seven structure or property fires during the week of March 7-13 – most of them illegal burning of yard waste.

This is the time of year when people clean up yards and burn the debris, said assistant Fire Marshal Bill Clifford. However, it is illegal to burn any sort of waste or debris in the area served by the department. “We’d rather them give us a call to learn about the regulations before they burn,” Clifford said.

Four vehicle fires were reported, but none actually involved flames. Heart rates probably went up a bit for one call at the Spokane Valley Mall on Monday. “It got called in as a school bus on fire but it turned out to be a mechanical issue,” Clifford said.

There were 180 emergency medical services calls among the 224 calls received during the week. The total includes two hazardous material calls for an unusual odor, both made by the same person in an apartment complex at 215 S. Conklin Road. “It ended up being new carpet that was installed in the apartment,” Clifford said.

Fourteen car accidents were reported with three people transported to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

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