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Give back to environment

Mt. Spokane is ready to expand its facilities to better accommodate local skiers. For the past couple of years, the operators at Mt. Spokane have been trying to propose a plan that includes several new trails and a new chairlift. In November, the director approved the plan for the trails and lift.

I, for one, do not think Mt. Spokane should expand the mountain. Expanding the mountain means destroying an intact habitat that provides a home for various animals, plants and insects 365 days a year. Destroying this habitat so it can be used for maybe four months of every year is a crime against nature. Haven’t we already taken enough land for housing? There are three other local mountains for skiers in search of variety.

In addition to ruining a wildlife habitat, people will be adding to the already growing problem of global warming by cutting down trees. People need to slow down and ask themselves, “How will this impact us a decade from now?” We as a community have to start giving back to the environment, not taking away from it. The more we take from the environment, the less we’ll get back.

Keely Liles



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