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Sun., March 17, 2013

Living proof of pro-life

Regarding George Hale’s “Pro-lifers are inconsistent” (March 10), I’m qualified to speak. He’s aghast a man like me could support the death penalty for a lawbreaker, and yet not support the gruesome death of an unborn who has broken no laws.

Hmmm. An adult poised to experience the death penalty has been thoroughly examined for irreparable harm to society. A baby poised to experience the death penalty has done exactly what? Irrationality reigns in a society that justifies its own convenience.

The accusation that the “right wing feels absolutely no responsibility for the care, feeding and education of the child” not aborted but allowed to live, is based on what? In addition to my own two, I adopted two 1-year-old children and raised them to successful manhood, one having served as a U.S. Marine and the other child, medically fragile, went on to set some dead-weight lifting records in Washington state. Both are productive taxpayers with their own children.

How many has he taken in? Or does he pay someone else to do the real work of raising sound citizens, keeping his hands clean and reserved for whatever pleasures feel right for the moment?

Bruce Hogan


In response to George Hale’s March 10 letter: I don’t understand how Hale or anyone else can condone abortions on innocent, helpless little babies and in comparison say it’s terrible to execute murderers – which is hardly ever done anymore – who have had the opportunity to lead a good, decent, productive life.

Hale also wrote that the right wing feels it has no responsibility for the care of a child.

Well, if you look in the phone book, there are at least five organizations in Spokane and Spokane Valley that counsel and take care of girls and their babies before and after birth. A lot of private donations and volunteer work besides staff goes into running these places. A couple of these organizations are Catholic Charities and Life Services of Spokane and in the Valley.

I also personally know of two families that are foster parents and two families that have adopted children, just in our area.

I am of the opinion that Hale thinks his life is more valuable than an unborn baby. I hope that someday you will change your heart and mind.

Mike Smiley

Nine Mile Falls

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