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Monday was pretty amazing sports day

Tuesday: Think back. Have there been many March days over the years in the Pacific Northwest better than yesterday?

Let’s recap. 

• Gonzaga’s men win and will be No. 1 in the nation heading into the NCAA tournament. And the win came at the expense of Saint Mary’s, with Mr. Mouthpiece, Matthew Dellavedova, having what can only charitably be called an “off-game.”

• The women win and are once again heading to the NCAAs.

• The Seahawks trade for one of the most exciting and explosive wide receivers in the NFL.

• The Sounders finalize a deal for an exciting and explosive scorer.

• And the M’s don’t lose.

A pretty darn good day.

Wednesday: Thank goodness wins and  losses in the spring don’t count. If they did, Hector Noesi would never see the mound.

Wait, that would be a good thing. Noesi followed a  typically strong Felix Hernandez  outing yesterday with a typically weak  Noesi performance.

And the M’s lost.

Thursday:  It’s easy to praise (the WSU basketball team) for digging out of a 19-point deficit and tying the Huskies down the stretch, but doesn’t the converse have to be true? Don’t we have to at least tisk-tisk a team that falls 19 points down to an-average-at-best UW team in the most important game of the year?

A team that seemed hesitant to share the ball early, didn’t seem to want to battle on the boards or close out on shooters? The deficit was embarrassing and, to give WSU the credit it deserves, the Cougars were embarrassed enough by it to do something about it.

They battled back. They shared the ball, they rebounded and they shut down the UW offense. All things that win basketball games. Except games in which you dug a Crater Lake-deep hole.

Still, the Cougars had the ball, the game was tied and they couldn’t get over the hump. Then they had the ball, they were down by two and they left it in the hands of a Pac-12 officiating crew.

Ask Colorado how that worked out for it at Arizona or any of about two-dozen other schools in the past couple years. That’s not a wise move. Not after all the energy you’ve expended to get even.

Do the things that you had been doing for the past 10 minutes. Don’t let anyone else decide the outcome.

Ah well, the season is over. It started poorly off the court, was marred by tough-to-overcome injuries and a long losing streak and so I guess it’s appropriate it ends the way it did.

Now the next week or so will be filled with speculation about Ken Bone’s future.