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Sun., March 17, 2013

Recall entire Congress

Is it possible to draft a recall petition for all 535 members of Congress, and also ban them from holding public office again? They have about a 10 percent approval rating. That would be ruinous in the private sector, but they don’t seem concerned about it.

One party seems intent on destroying the other, and the other worries more about offending Grover Norquist, Wayne LaPierre or Rush Limbaugh than representing the people who elected them. After all, there is apparently nothing that terrorizes them more than being “primaried” in their next election. Picking them at random and using the money wasted in campaigning to reduce the deficit would be welcomed by most people.

After this last election, even the atheists were saying thank God it’s over.

Don Frasier

Spokane Valley

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