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Sun., March 17, 2013

Replace McMorris Rodgers

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave us a terrific demonstration of her capacity to represent her 5th Congressional District constituency: none at all – zero. She parroted the canned talking points about the sequester like the party lock-stepper she has become when she said: “We’ve done the work and shown that these choices can be made in a responsible, thoughtful way.” Really? By going home early and taking absurdly long recesses, working about 125 days this year?

Is she aware of meanings for the terms “thoughtful and responsible”? Of how the Republicans’ bills scam the poor and elderly, the veterans, the educational system and the public safety net? That they don’t resemble “thoughtfulness and responsibility” other than in a misconstrued version of her robotic propaganda talking points? They serve only the interests of billionaires and oil companies, and are typical political agenda.

McMorris Rodgers may not be aware of it because she has her eyes on the prize: becoming one of the “young gun” radicals and movin’ on up in the pathetic party of backward regressive thinking as she proves that she represents very few of the people of the 5th District. She’s not concerned about the radioactive sewer at Hanford.

Ten years of McMorris Rodgers being a shoeshine girl for the “no” party is enough. We should start to get ready for her replacement now.

Jay Moyer


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