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Walton a menace

So if Bill Walton gets paid by the word, he’s doing very well financially! Pac-12 Network play-by-play announcers must cringe when they see Walton’s name on their “color commentator” list.

Bill’s mummified in the ’60s and can’t escape, even making reference (Wednesday) night to WSU and UW players playing like Hal Greer and Chet Walker, two guys I’ll wager 95 percent of the viewing audience wouldn’t know from Fred Flintstone. Greer was drafted in 1958 by the Syracuse Nationals (who?) and played with Walker on the 1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers, but who watching is gonna know that. I had to Google it.

Walton’s adjectives upon adjectives on and on and on ad nauseam rapidly wear thin when you’re trying to stay with the actual game being shown.

Quick, give me that mute button!

Jeff Clausen