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Wed., March 20, 2013

Moderates can take charge

Is America as divided as competing politicians and sensationalist media outlets have us believing? No. The idea that the most diverse population on the face of the Earth, with over 300 million people, is somehow equally divided between two teams is ridiculous.

Whether debating gun violence, abortion rights, climate change, health care or the economy, America’s majority in the middle is closer together than apart, and desires level-headed cooperation at the table over more dangerous, infuriating rhetoric.

Once a Democrat or Republican is elected, he or she is obligated to compete against the opposing team ahead of action on behalf of the people. If the 60 to 80 percent of Americans caught in the middle joined forces to elect enough moderate, independent voices to break the two-party game, we could drown out disparate cries of far-leaning interests and get Washington moving again on our behalf.

Albeit, if we did so, it might be at the expense of jobs afforded by the ratings race between MSNBC and Fox News.

If we’re not willing to endure such growing pains, we should at least stop whining and accept the reality of gridlock in Washington as a consequence of our own choices.

Riff Mattre


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