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The Slice: Cadbury’s worst nightmare

Beware bunnies!
Beware bunnies!

You have 10 days to decide what wild animal to emulate when devouring chocolate Easter bunnies.

I dibs the Tasmanian devil.

Let’s move on.

What 21st century development has nudged you from believing a few people are idiots to believing a lot of people are idiots: “I submit that Facebook has got to be high on the list,” wrote Dick O’Brien.

Tomas Kelley Lynch wrote, “I would say the ‘smartphone’ has proliferated idiocy on a grand scale.”

Casserole queen: Clarice Suko said her mom, Dolores Chase – still cooking as she closes in on her 100th birthday this spring – might have made more casseroles than anyone in the Northwest.

Catch and release: Seeing the Slice item about dogs possibly dreaming of chasing squirrels, Judy McKeehan recalled the time not long ago when her dog, Argus, succeeded in catching one while wide awake. The canine had the rodent pinned beneath a paw.

McKeehan sized up the situation. “I lifted the paw and the squirrel ran away. I felt like Wonder Woman.”

The stuff of dreams: “In 1945 in Potlatch, Idaho, each house had an outdoor toilet that backed on an alley,” wrote Ed Reynolds. “Each toilet had a drawer, and about once a week a man with a horse-drawn wagon would come down the alley, empty each drawer into his wagon and haul the contents away. Age 7, I never wondered where he took the stuff, and I don’t recall anyone ever raising the question. My younger brother’s ambition in life was to be the toilet man because the toilet man had a horse.”

But I’ll bet he didn’t have a song. So we will just have to borrow.

Oh, do you know the toilet man

The toilet man, the toilet man

Reynolds’ brother wound up being a teacher instead.

O’ yes: “I have a grandmother from Ireland, but I don’t think many people would want to welcome the O’Pecks,” wrote Steve Peck.

And Jan Graham wrote, “Even though it’s sacrilege, O’Graham does have a certain ring to it.”

Today’s Slice question: When you say “I don’t want to be THAT guy,” to what unappealing personality type are you referring?

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