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Fri., March 22, 2013

Now spending’s a problem?

Spending never seemed to be a problem for the Republicans when President George W. Bush took us from a $260 billion surplus to a $10 trillion deficit. The darling of the 5th District, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Speaker of the House John Boehner voted in lock step to give Bush everything he asked for. Where was their moral outcry and indignation when Bush was spending money like a college kid with mom and dad’s credit card?

Bush single-handedly shifted more wealth from the bottom and the middle to the top than any other president in history. Spending only became a problem when President Barack Obama spent the money on social programs that benefit the poor, low- and middle-income families, such as food stamps, unemployment, school food programs, job creation and health care. The Republicans not only looked the other way while spending us into the poor house, but decreased revenues to pay for their reckless ways.

None of us would run our credit card debt up and then decrease our income. Yes, we need to decrease spending and increase revenues to pay for the mess we’re in.

Don’t forget elections for the House in two years.

Mike Miles


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