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Fri., March 22, 2013

Search for truth

Always seeking for the truth, because truth brings freedom from falsehood and darkness, and will set us free. Free especially from the consequences of sin from deception and self-destruction. So, I believe we all have a duty to seek truth.

I’ve read comments in The Spokesman-Review about the differences between the mainstream media (usually leans left) and Fox News (usually leans right). It’s been suggested that Fox News be boycotted. I would like to suggest another solution: Search all pathways, turn to the mainstream and Fox News stations, television, radio and then simply decide for yourself. Turn your radios to Dave Ramsey, Hal Lindsey, Glenn Beck and even Rush Limbaugh, or not.

You still, at this minute in time as an American citizen, have the choice to turn them off. Exercise your freedoms now, because one day, maybe sooner than you think, you might not have a choice.

Please, people of America, I beseech you. Research for yourselves the meanings of capitalism, socialism, Marxism and communism, and see if your search sheds a ray of light on the path that the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama is taking our sovereign, magnificent, grand, noble and awe-inspiring United States of America.

Lynda House


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