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Sat., March 23, 2013

Churches are intruding

I’m sick of churches intruding into secular politics. These organizations have tax-exempt status, which specifically prohibits such activities. Why doesn’t the IRS crack down on them? Think of all the good projects that we could afford with this revenue on federal, state and local levels.

Many churches are wealthy; real estate taxes would help local government. The income they receive is huge. Taxing those who have violated the rules for tax exemption would yield much-needed funds for our income-starved government.

Facts: Many churches espouse ideas that are anti-Constitution, such as those that campaign for discrimination against American citizens on the basis of gender, ethnicity, partner preferences, etc. They pay no taxes. Some churches have primary allegiance to foreign states, such as the Catholic Church to the Vatican. They pay no taxes.

Religious organizations contribute to political campaigns and lobbying concerns. Example: Catholic and Mormon expenditures to defeat California’s Proposition 8 regarding gay rights. No taxes paid.

Churches seek to derail government health care programs, yet pay no taxes for this behavior.

If churches want to interfere in secular matters rather than tending to the spiritual needs of believers, they should pay taxes like the rest of us do.

Ann Warwick


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