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Entitlement; another catchword, another wedge to divide us. People have been programmed to associate entitlement with everything from parasites to idling subversives. Meanwhile, we’re blinded to the waste of a bloated, overbearing government, unremitting military expenses and the insatiable rapacity of an outdated economic system.

Everyone’s entitled to an intact environment, healthy air, potable water and enough land to sustain himself. And as long as he harms no one else or his possessions, he is entitled to be left alone. This constitutes nothing more than the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Furthermore, it must be accepted that nobody suspends his rights (entitlements) at the door of any business or corporation. Businesses aren’t homes, and corporations aren’t persons.

We seem to have reversed priorities on who serves whom. That’s the reason I’m a Wobbly.>

Stravo Lukos



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