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Disconnect between EV leaders, citizens

My wife and I voted “yes” to support children on the last East Valley bond election, as we have in previous elections.

Our children went through their childhood and teenage years as students at East Valley. Both later graduated from four-year colleges. We have great respect for the quality of our district’s schools and teachers.

I’m troubled by the apparent disconnect of the current leadership of East Valley schools and citizens who send their children to be educated there. I think voters have been very clear about their displeasure with current K-8 plans. The voters have either stayed away from the polls or have voted “NO.”

I read in Thursday’s Valley Voice about the results of a survey of East Valley teachers voicing their displeasure of the K-8 plan. I believe the teachers and parents of students have spoken for students also.

Our children need a period in their lives where they leave elementary school behind to embrace a new chapter. This is the time of junior high or middle school. This is a time of tremendous transformation. God bless middle school teachers and parents!

I call on the East Valley schools superintendent and school board to start listening to those you serve. The failed levy elections and teachers surveys have given you the necessary information you need to rethink the direction you are headed. There is still time to reverse course.

Walt Doellefeld

Spokane Valley