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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

“Little Rock Charlie,” aka Charlie Floyd, exhibited “the coolness of a dime novel desperado” in two daring robberies.

First, he walked into a dinner party being held by Miss Isabelle Braxton in honor of two other guests.

“He was greeted by the mistress of the house and invited to partake,” a Chronicle account said. “After eating his fill and helping himself to cigars on the sideboard, the robber whipped out a revolver and relieved the hostess and her other guests of their valuables.”

Then he went to a “colored club” on Pacific Avenue (both Little Rock and Miss Braxton were identified as “colored” in the article) and sat there brooding for a while. Suddenly, he walked behind the counter, grabbed the proprietor’s revolver and, armed with a pistol in each hand, forced the occupants of the card room to throw their money on the table. Some ran in panic. Little Rock grabbed some money and vanished down the stairway and out the door.

All of the people in the Braxton home were able to identify Little Rock and a warrant was issued for his arrest, but he had so far eluded capture.

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