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Tue., March 26, 2013, midnight

Justice odd in Spokane

OK, let me get my head around this. A Spokane police officer, with very limited information, invades a convenience store ostensibly to protect fair damsels in distress. He then attacks a man who he thinks might be the cause of that distress and bludgeons him to the ground, where he is hogtied and masked. The man becomes unconscious and later dies.

The officer and his fellow officers then concoct a story about how the officer was going to be brutally attacked (thank goodness for security cameras). Then, realizing he is in a peck of trouble, the officer divests himself of material wealth, divorces his wife and then claims he’s indigent. Six years and $825,000 of taxpayer money later, he is sent to the pokey.

The city asks that the officer be held liable for the cost of his defense. But no, this is not to be. A judge sworn to fairly apply the law finds that the officer will not be held responsible for any part of the $825,000.

I’m no attorney, but I call this fraud, pure and simple. And the other officers involved? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Go figure. Justice is weird in Spokane.

John Miller

Spokane Valley

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