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Thu., March 28, 2013, midnight

Leave Bristol Bay alone

The “Save Bristol Bay” letter (March 16) inspired me to further clarify this horrendous plan to dig an open pit mine three miles wide and deep as the Empire State Building is tall in the pristine wilderness of the Bristol Bay watershed. It’s about more than just life without salmon, important though that is. It’s about destroying many people’s livelihood.

Two giant mining companies promise to create 1,000 Pebble Mine jobs for Alaskans, but would destroy 14,000 current full and part-time salmon-based jobs along with the livelihood of natives who live off the land. The many mining disasters elsewhere would not be the case with Pebble. It will be completely safe.

And for what? So that the already wealthy will get more copper and gold, and will become richer still. Become informed. Check Google’s information and act now to prevent this new threat to the total health of our already ailing planet Earth, upon which we humans depend for our clothing, housing, food, our very lives.

Bernadine Van Thiel


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