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Fri., March 29, 2013

Newman Lake needs plow

We have lived out at Newman Lake for 26 years. What happened to plowing the snow off of the roads? We are having more and more people wrecking because the roads are not getting plowed. They are left for days.

Newman Lake used to have its own plowing equipment. Each year we are having more and more wrecks and slide-offs. Now, the roads get so bad that the school buses will not even come out because of wrecks. Just about a week ago, the poor mail person’s vehicle slid right off of the road and over the bank, and it was not the mail person’s fault. Isn’t human life worth more than saving a buck?

One of the drivers told us that the county was bragging about how much money they have been saving by not plowing or sanding. We don’t want to pay taxes because they can’t seem to make it work with what they have. Shouldn’t the roads get plowed when it snows, no matter what day or when it happens? If it was contracted, it would be plowed.

Todd and Renee’ Hartshorn

Newman Lake

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