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Fri., March 29, 2013

Push for gun control

There are now two types of gun murders: “traditional” – domestic violence, murder committed in the act of a felony and gang murder; and mass murder. Universal background checks would help prevent traditional types of murders.

The only way to alleviate the problem of mass murder is to pass legislation to ban semi-automatic weapons and to limit the number of bullets in magazine clips. If the shooter in the Gabby Giffords tragedy had a smaller clip, that little girl would be alive today. If the ban on assault rifles had been renewed, Adam Lanza’s mother would not have been able to purchase the weapon used in Sandy Hook. Adam Lanza fired 154 bullets in less than five minutes with 30-round magazine clips, changing clips only four times. If he had 10-round magazine clips he would have had to change magazines 15 times. We need public servants who are not intimidated by the gun lobbies, the radical right, or who are not more concerned about re-election than standing up for what is right. Everyone who agrees with me please tell your congressional representatives and senators to do the right thing.

Jeannine Pacheco


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