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The Slice: Wheels are in motion for Realtor’s new tool

Fri., March 29, 2013, midnight

Times being what they are, it’s a good idea to have a Plan B.

I believe I have come up with mine: “Ride By Bikes – The Realtor’s Friend.”

Allow me to explain.

We all know that the Spokane area has its share of Crabby Appletons when it comes to hostility toward bicyclists. There’s no need to recite the list of complaints.

But the truth is, most people have positive associations with bicycling. And the sight of seemingly normal individuals on bikes tends to be regarded as a gently upbeat indicator of our community’s livability.

Anyway, just the other day, I was pedaling home from work when I passed what looked like a real estate agent emerging from a house-for-sale with a prospective buyer.

The thought occurred to me that my presence was helping to make the neighborhood seem inviting. I could imagine the potential buyer thinking “If that old guy feels OK about riding his bike here, this neighborhood must be pretty snugsville.”

That’s when the light bulb went on.

Why not schedule my ride-bys in advance with real estate agents? For a modest fee, of course.

Agent: “The couple looking at the house will arrive at 2. Can you be out there riding back and forth by 1:55?”

Me: “I’ll be there. Want me to wave and say hello?”

Agent: “That would be nice.”

Once Ride By Bikes is up and going, I can hire employees and offer a variety of packages tailored to the busy real estate professional’s exact needs.

The Golden Years: A smiling elderly couple slowly pedals by, waving and calling out “Welcome to the neighborhood!”

The Happy Family: An attractive young couple ride by and all but quiver with a vibe that says “We’re so fertile and in love, and it’s largely because we live on this wonderful block!”

The Future Neighbor: A fit young man with a baby carrier attached to his bike rolls by and says “You look like our kind of people!”

The Pleasantville: A pair of bell-ringing little girls wearing princess helmets pedal past and wave. “We promise to stay off your lawn!”

And so on. Staging a home sale? Don’t just rely on baking bread. Call today.

Today’s Slice question: How do you pronounce “Moscow,” as in the Idaho community?

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