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Sat., March 30, 2013

EPA imperils country

With the threat of war, maybe even in the near future a reality, shouldn’t we consider producing our own supply of oil here, so we needn’t rely on Middle Eastern, Venezuelan and Mexican imports? Will the present sources of oil imports stay friendly to us? Or will that supply we’ve relied upon be sold to our enemies instead?

We may reputedly have a great military, but without refined oil, much of the military’s equipment becomes a pile of junk that cannot function. War tends to destroy populations, as well as huge landscapes, as we know.

Can the EPA be so determined that they’re protecting this country by not allowing huge amounts of oil here to be tapped? Is the procurement of said oil so deadly to our environment, as the EPA maintains it is? Proven true, really? We must wonder.

It’d seem the future of this country is every bit as much the EPA’s responsibility as it’d ever be that of our military that we rely on. You’re left to decide.

Joseph Cifka

Hayden, Idaho

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