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Pope comparison silly

When you invite letters for submission “on topics of public interest,” and then publish something like Alex Franco’s “Learn from the pope” (March 27), one wonders if you also mean public amusement or ridicule. What else could be an appropriate response to comparing the pope’s presumed low maintenance to the benefits of a governmental job such as our president’s?

Especially outrageously funny is the criticism that “the man spends millions of taxpayer dollars on balls, golfing and vacations to Hawaii!” Why not require applicants for the position sign a vow of poverty, forgo entertainment, or at least insist that he solicit gifts from “sponsors” for his personal expenditures? That is, if we don’t require all applicants to be independently very wealthy.

With all the pressing national and international concerns of the day, are you so short of appropriate submissions that you resort to such pathetic jokes?

Peter Grossman



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