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Unite for good of economy

A simple definition of the economic multiplier effect is when a government entity, business or individual spends their money (minus savings, taxes and the buying of imported products or services), expanding the economy by increasing demand for goods and services, which in turn creates more jobs to fill those needs.

Savings for the individual citizen are at or near record lows due to the fact they are spending it to live on, and taxes are at or near the lowest in decades.

So how come the multiplier effect isn’t working? It’s because America’s national and multinational corporations have shipped jobs overseas and are the biggest buyers of parts, products and services from overseas. Thus they contribute nothing, short-circuiting the multiplier effect in the American economy.

Why are politicians silent on this issue? Why don’t they consider American corporations that ship jobs overseas and their use of tax loopholes as un-American? Why don’t we demand and buy “Made in America,” stimulating the economy, creating more jobs and increasing the value of the American worker?

It doesn’t matter if you have a Ph.D., a small business or a high school education, the workers of the world must unite or die trying.

Lawrence Schuchart



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