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Weapons are necessary

“Disinformation R Us” should be the motto for all anti-gun letters written to The Spokesman-Review, including Ron Doyen’s March 23 diatribe.

When the gun-hating Centers for Disease Control got involved in the gun debate, the end result was total nonobjectivity and junk science. Besides, firearms aren’t a disease.

I’m convinced that the American people revere the Second Amendment as much as they cherish the First Amendment. That’s why the Democrats’ civilian disarmament schemes continually fail. And, as always, the Democrats’ “assault weapons” ban was aimed totally at the law-abiding.

Doyen condemns military-style weapons as “unnecessary products” with “no civilian purpose.” In addition to their utility in defense of self and nation, these weapons, with five-shot magazines, have become popular in the hunting fields and, especially, in competition shooting.

Cigarettes, which kill 500,000 Americans annually, are an unnecessary product.

Curtis Stone



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