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President’s words inspire

As President Barack Obama addressed the nation at a memorial service, my heart broke a little. But because of his words, spirit and resolve, I feel hopeful that our great country will endure and fulfill all her promise. At the Interfaith Memorial Service at Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross, he did exactly that.

The Boston Marathon is our oldest annual marathon and coincides with Patriot’s Day, which honors the patriots of the American Revolution. This year, with participants from every state and more than 90 countries, the atmosphere of that magnificent city was tragically interrupted by cowardice and evil.

Many years ago I also walked the streets of Boston, the cradle of American civilization, the cradle of the United States. Thousands upon thousands of students from all the world’s corners filled the halls of Massachusetts’ exceptional universities then as they do today.

In Boston, the president spoke of our way of life, our spirit of self-discipline, of compassion, friendship and love.

As he vowed, the world will return to Boston, to run again on the third Monday of April, taking comfort from the words of Scripture, to “run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

Halina Slobodow



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