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They’re not mosquitoes

I am writing in response to the April 7 article entitled “Downtown Abuzz.” This article talks about how speakers that emit a high pitched squeal are being placed around the downtown area to ward off young loiterers. To me, this just seems like a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Has it ever occurred to anyone that these young adults may have no place to go? They may cause problems because they don’t have anything better to do. Why not provide them with somewhere to go or something to do? We should invest in art, music or other extracurricular programs to keep youth involved in the community, instead of casting them away. But then again I’m sure this wouldn’t help.

Aren’t all young adults just troublemakers? Why should we expect more from them after we treat them like unwanted pests? I’m sure they would hate to do something productive with their life. Or is this just the stereotypical thinking that traps youth until they themselves believe in it? It’s up to you. Should we decide to try to provide young people with opportunities or shoo them away like mosquitoes?

Angela Basinger



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