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Fri., May 3, 2013, midnight

Thatcher over Clinton

Without President Bill Clinton, we would not know Hillary’s name. Margaret Thatcher rode no coattails.

For 10 years, Margaret led her country. She turned around a failing economy and led a successful war. She put Britain back on its feet for a generation. She faced down the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in Europe with President Ronald Reagan, setting the stage for its demise.

When Hillary was finally responsible for something, the U.S. State Department, first she announced a “reset” of relations with Russia; amounting to appeasing them at every turn, facilitating President Vladimir Putin’s desire to reconstitute the USSR. The other thing she did was rack up air miles and country visits so in 2016 she and the press can tout her mileage as proof of her vast foreign policy experience to us rubes.

Meanwhile, she did not do a vital part of her job, making sure her diplomats were as safe as reasonable in dangerous postings. Result: an untenable situation in Benghazi, security requests ignored, four dead Americans.

Now, a cover-up and no interest from the press. Have any reporters talked to any Benghazi survivors yet? Hillary would not amount to a pimple on Margaret’s toe.

Tom Horne


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