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We’ve got you covered: 24/7

Fri., May 3, 2013

Welcome to the new 7, your guide for what to do and where to go 24/7.

Within these pages each week, we will let you in on what’s happening in the greater Spokane area, whether it’s a local reggae band’s CD release party, a jazzy finale for the Coeur d’Alene Symphony or the further adventures of Tony Stark and his awesome metal suit. You’ll find things to do with your kids, things to do on the cheap, things to watch on stage, things to see at the gallery and things to enjoy while eating out.

Heading out to First Friday today? We have the schedule here, or, if you’re inclined, find it at the mobile site of or our companion site and let your smartphone be your guide.

Some of the features from Wednesday’s Food section have migrated here, namely our Dining Out with Dave and Dan column, restaurant reviews and Rick Bonino’s monthly ode to beer, On Tap. The Ask Mr. Dad advice column from Armin Brott, which was cut out of the Today section in 2012, will return, appearing on our Families page. And never fear, Paul Turner’s The Slice will remain a vital component of our cover package.

Also remaining? The puzzles, comics, advice columns and TV information our readers love.

I hope you like the new 7. I welcome your questions or comments. Drop me an email at, or call (509) 459-5068.

Happy reading.

Carolyn Lamberson

Features editor

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