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The Slice: You find them everywhere you look

Sometimes we forget.

So let’s review.

Those incapable of less absurd self-expression spit on sidewalks in other cities, too.

Broken people abuse children in other cities, too.

Many top-tier musical performers skip lots of other cities, too.

TV news people can delight and amaze in other cities, too.

People sometimes get together to raise money to help someone in need in other cities, too.

Elected officials occasionally say small-minded things in other cities, too.

Some police officers lie in other cities, too.

Some readers hate the daily newspaper in other cities, too.

Racists resent being called racists in other cities, too.

There are newcomers who believe they have all the answers in other cities, too.

There are people who obsess about the good old days in other cities, too.

Those who seek a fresh start sometimes leave other cities, too.

Teenage single mothers make questionable choices about baby names in other cities, too.

People drive drunk in the middle of the day in other cities, too.

Arts boosters want the wealthy to save lost causes in other cities, too.

Decent restaurants close in other cities, too.

Columnists make lists in other cities, too.

Slice answer: “A chart showing the popularity of my first name over the years would be a flat line at the bottom,” wrote Gaye Dionne.

Today’s Slice question: Why don’t you do Bloomsday? A) Don’t like crowds. B) Don’t like downtown. C) Am not fit and don’t need to take part in an event designed to emphasize that. D) Did it once. Had fun. But that was enough. E) I had some rabid Bloomsday evangelists as co-workers when I first moved here, and I’m allergic to the whole “You gotta love it!” mindset. F) Don’t quite get the point. G) Like the Peter Sellers character in the movie “Being There,” I like to watch. H) I work on Sundays. I) My kids are whiners. J) I have enough T-shirts. K) Don’t care for the “Oh, why can’t every day be like Bloomsday?” nonsense. L) I found Joyce unreadable. M) Prefer to disdain things. N) Maybe next year. O) Other.

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