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Sun., May 5, 2013

Staff writer Christian Caple asks WSU football players five questions and posts videos of the short interviews on Sportslink. Here is an excerpt from the interview with kicker Andrew Furney. For the complete interview, go to Coug Report at

Andrew Furney, Kicker

What is your favorite meal in Pullman?

When I was a freshman I’m pretty sure one of the announcers said I must have been a big person at Cougar Country … get a lot of food there. But it’s funny because I hadn’t eaten there yet. After that game I actually had it and was hooked.

If you could play any other position, what would it be?

Linebacker. Kicker is kind of the wussy sort so pretty much want to be the complete opposite.

What’s the most import non-football thing you have learned?

Biggest one is that being a Coug is always good. I’m really glad that I came here.

If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be and what would you serve?

First person would be Jason Hanson. I would be like “teach me your ways, man.” He’s such a legend. The other two would be Jim Carey and Adam Sandler. I’d take Jason (to Cougar County). I’m not even sure if it was here when he was here. I’m pretty sure it was. I could take him back there and reminisce a little bit.


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