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Sun., May 5, 2013

Follow the pension trail

A minister went to church one Sunday morning without preparing a sermon. He decided to wing it off the cuff by simply reciting random Bible verses. The first random verse he came to was “Judas hanged himself.” The second: “Do thou likewise.”

Mike Baker’s Associated Press April 7-10 articles on the LEOFF-1 state employee retirement system and corresponding letters to the editor come across with that same kind of disconnect.

LEOFF-1 is a defined benefit plan that exists for the exclusive benefit of its beneficiaries and not for ex-post facto invaders. LEOFF-1 was mandated by the state and its political subdivisions without option and beneficiary remittance was required.

It was never contemplated or even suggested that emergency work was equivalent to fishing, playing soccer, golf or checkers. It was understood that there would be injury and death and that strength, agility, endurance and adrenalin would decline with age.

Blatant abuse must be pursued. But when you go down that trail, you still have to follow the money to the elected, appointed, administrative and supervisory officials that pushed the buttons, pulled the levers and drained the cash box at their pleasure.

Rich Magney


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