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The Slice: Passage to Marmot-ville

Sun., May 5, 2013, midnight

And The Slice said unto them …

If you are familiar with Proverbs 30:24-28, you might recall that there is a biblical reference to small, furry animals.

Depending on the edition, sometimes it is “hyraxes.” Sometimes it is “rock badgers” or “conies.” Et cetera.

But Dr. Howard Wilcox of Spokane passed along a Bible translation that goes with another choice. Here’s the passage in Eugene H. Peterson’s “The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language.”

“marmots — vulnerable as they are,

“manage to arrange for rock-solid homes.”

Pictures you wish were not on the Internet: It’s not easy to find, but there’s one showing Frank Werner operating a big, powerful chain saw with one hand.

It was just a fleeting moment, but photos on the web can seem to last forever. In any case, the St. Maries resident does not endorse operating a chain saw with one hand. “Don’t do that,” Werner said.

Today’s prom memory: Karen Mobley’s date back in Wyoming got drunk on crème de menthe, wrecked his parents’ car and threw up. “Virulent green,” she recalled.

At least he upchucked on a snow-covered road, not on Karen.

Still, what woman wouldn’t treasure such a memory?

“Whenever I see a prom dress or crème de menthe on ice cream, I think of him.”

Name game: “To this date I believe there is no other woman named Lloyd on this planet,” wrote Lloyd Daigre.

Wanting to recycle a family name, her parents had settled on it — regardless of the baby’s gender — before she was born some 78 years ago.

And Cheney’s Joretta Hartley hasn’t heard of many people with her first name.

The Slice will provide two words, you supply the third: 1. Ticks. 2. Scrotum. 3.

Don’t get your hopes up: That collapse of the press-truck viewing platform back in 1988 that spilled members of the news media onto Riverside Avenue was a one-time thing. It is not an annual part of the Bloomsday start.

Today’s Slice question: Who in your circle spends the most time disdainfully critiquing how other people spend their time?

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