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Bad side of liberalism

The April 28 editorial showed the bad side of liberalism. Real fairness works both ways, and while I am sure that The Spokesman-Review thinks some people have the right to choose where to conduct their business, it obviously does not think that business owners (who are also people) have the right to choose who they are willing to do business with. The editorial claims it is against bigotry, while it is actually engaging in its own form of bigotry against other people’s values. But hypocrisy is par for the course for liberalism.

Discrimination really means choice (despite what liberals want you to believe), and while liberals are for all sorts of choices that many consider perverted, they want to reduce choices for others with traditional values. So contrary to the editorial’s first sentence, the editors who wrote this piece are very familiar with the urge to discriminate.

Also, contrary to what this editorial is implying, the voters did not give same-sex couples the right to push their values onto others. If all of the voters had known all that the left was trying to push down everyone’s throat with this last referendum, it would not have passed.

Jay Logan



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