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Tue., May 7, 2013

Criminals get guns anyway

I completely disagree with the April 26 letter from Esther Hildahl, “Pass sensible laws.” Laws that take away American citizens’ rights will not help on gun control. They will just take away guns from law-abiding citizens. Criminals that use firearms usually obtain these weapons illegally anyways. So, even if firearms become illegal, criminals will still find ways to get their hands on a new pistol. It’s not like criminals will care if they’re illegal or not; they will still possess them.

Taking away guns will just hurt common citizens who enjoy activities such as hunting and target-shooting. We would have our rights taken away because of the scum that slide down our streets.

Criminals do not care what the laws are. Gun violence would still be around the same percentage as before. Criminals are sneaky and find ways to get what they want. For example, meth and cocaine are illegal, but they don’t care. They still are manufacturing and selling drugs, even though it’s illegal.

The people who commit these gun crimes usually get the weapons even though it’s against the law. My point is that it won’t matter what we do, gun crimes will still happen.

Aaron Leifer


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