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Tue., May 7, 2013

Flight delays intentional

To omit the real reason for the furloughing of flight controllers and place all the blame on the budget sequester that cut funding across all government agencies is to miss the obvious strategy of the administration to inflict as much pain and inconvenience on the public as possible to evoke their hue and cry for more taxes to fund the government to the bloat of pre-sequester, and beyond. The strategy failed, and the editorial board missed it. Was it ideological blindness or something else?

For editorial facts, you might check the April 27 Wall Street Journal, “Flight Delay Rebuke.” Kicking cans down the road is a long-term bipartisan practice, but congressional blowback – by overwhelming bipartisan votes – did nothing of the sort: Other Federal Aviation Administration staffers of non-safety-threatening positions will be furloughed in tiny increments and unused U.S. Department of Transportation funds will make up the difference.

All of that could have prevented the issue from ever becoming front and center, and not delayed a single flight. It would never happen from the union-dominated, dysfunctional FAA.

John Corn

Ponderay, Idaho

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