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Boeing not flying right

Boeing recently announced plans to reduce its workforce by up to 2,300 positions by year’s end.

Those employees are currently assigned to refurbish newly manufactured planes that need rework before delivery to customers. Excuse me, given Boeing’s record of delays and quality problems in its 787 program, the last thing it should be doing is to publicly announce plans to reduce the number of its quality control workers.

Boeing also announced its 787 modifications are expected to continue through 2014 and 2015. It then reported it will also double its production rate from five jets per month to 10 jets per month. All with 2,300 fewer workers.

It appears that Boeing’s management has isolated itself from thinking through all of the consequences of reducing staff and increasing production of 787s. Good management would have otherwise reduced errors the first time planes were being manufactured down the assembly line.

Sid Nicholson


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