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Vandalism is so sad

Like so many cities in our nation, Spokane is not immune to crime. And everyone knows, too, the police are too busy to respond to crimes like car vandalism. It leaves the victims feeling there’s no justice or recourse for them, other than to report it to Crime Check. What is sadder is that the criminals and vandals know it, too.

What kind of person can be so malicious or vindictive as to render someone else’s car undrivable, possibly costing thousands to fix, and waltz into the dark of night feeling nothing but smug satisfaction about what they did to someone they may, or may not, know?

How pathetically small they must be inside as a person to do this to someone, and only feel happy they won’t be caught for what they did, and no one is wise to what an uncaring, self-centered person they really are? It shows us just how much Spokane has changed over the years. It also shows how much the people have changed.

Julia Mullen



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