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Thu., May 9, 2013

Blocking democracy

How many of you remember fifth-grade history? You know, all that boring stuff about democracy and local self-government, and that the only way that the whole enchilada works is that if “all political power is inherent in the people,” and government only exists if consented to by the people.

Well, apparently the mayor and certain members of the Spokane City Council don’t believe that these things matter outside the classroom.

The city is threatening to use the courts to block two citizen initiatives from the November ballot. Thank you elected officials for thinking on our behalf and saving us the hassle of voting. I’m sure you are doing this out of the people’s best interest, because you and I know that the people aren’t smart enough to decide for themselves.

Something else I remember from school was the First Amendment and how it is at the core of how “we the people” keep government representing our best interests. Maybe I’m the only one, but I don’t see how denying people the right to vote does us any good, regardless of what it is we are voting on.

Rick Evans


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