The Slice: Dress for the job you want


Can’t prove it.

But I have a hunch that, around here at least, a fair number of people who work at home dress better on the job than many who toil in traditional workplaces. Especially when the weather gets warmer.

Slice answer: Are you a good kisser?

“I’ve always wondered,” wrote Forrest Schuck of Sandpoint. “My wife refuses to let me conduct any sort of meaningful broad-based survey.”

Best in-laws: John Kittel said his late mother-in-law was a wonderful lady and a great cook. “While I loved my own mom dearly (who was an OK cook), I occasionally reminded my wife that, if we ever had a falling out (which did not happen), I was going home to HER mother.”

And here’s a note from a gentleman who asked that I keep his name to myself. “I would like to nominate my mother-in-law as the best in-law,” he wrote. “Her nomination is based on her gift to me at Christmas each year which was a bottle of whiskey with the comment, ‘I know what you have to live with.’ ”

Completing the series: Readers were asked to suggest a third word that would come after 1. Tick, and 2. Scrotum.

Readers’ answers included: Pain, therapy, laughter, burrowing, chastity, match and yikes.

Lisa Thompson proposed “tweezers.”

Nicest person around here: “I nominate Jeanne LaLone Ager of Ager Consulting,” wrote Mary Anne Brown. “A Spokane native, Jeanne has fostered philanthropy and collaboration for many Inland Northwest nonprofit organizations. A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a colleague, and a friend to many, Jeanne’s trials with adversity have failed to change her smile, her spirit, her outlook, or her love for family, friends or community. She’s like a Timex watch, she just keeps on ticking, always leaving a better place in her wake.”

Slice answer: A clear majority of responding readers said Cannon Hill is the local park with the name that could best double as a condom brand. Many noted that Minnehaha would be a marketing fail.

Today’s Slice question: What is the best Mother’s Day present?

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