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The Slice: Life in the express lane has its consequences

Ken Martin saw a different kind of distracted-driver accident.

A father in a grocery store was pushing his kid in one of those carts made to look like a toy car.

The father was also texting. And so, of course, he ran into another shopper’s cart.

Speaking of texting: Sue Chapin’s oldest daughter had sent a photo of herself in a knockout dress she would be wearing to a special occasion.

Luckily, Sue double-checked her one-word reply before sending it to her daughter.

The pesky spell-check had turned “vavoom!” into “baboon!”

Just wondering: Should there be a support group for those who cannot stop themselves from overstuffing homemade burritos?

Slice answer: “Hands down, Kami Dyck, the mailroom gal at Rosauers corporate office, is the nicest person I have ever encountered,” wrote Liz Schatz. “Kami always has a smile on her face, always has something pleasant to say, never appears to be disinterested in what you are saying and is always willing to assist you even if she should really be getting on with something else related to her own job.”

When people tell stories about long-ago adventures at drive-in movies …: There really ought to be an accompanying graphic that says what? A) “Based on a true story.” B) “Adapted from something I heard or read.” C) “Now it can be told.” D) “Inspired by actual events.” E) “What you are about to hear should be regarded with a high degree of skepticism.” F) Other.

Feedback on last Friday’s Slice: Sarah Hanley took note of how I described Miss Kitty of “Gunsmoke” fame.

I wrote, “She was smart, capable and tough yet feminine.”

Which prompted Hanley’s question. “Why the use of the word ‘yet’?” she wrote. “You insinuate that smart and capable are not feminine qualities. That tough and feminine are mutually exclusive.”

Warm-up question: How many people in the Spokane area routinely anticipate the precise ending of a TV show by saying “Annnnd … we’re out”?

Today’s Slice question: What destinations are on your travel wish list?

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