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FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013

Can’t erase Bush misdeeds

No opening of a presidential library, warm and fuzzy anecdotes of compassion, or revelations concerning the “real” George W. Bush will ever erase the shame and blundering of that worthless man and his enablers. For Kathleen Parker to suggest otherwise (April 28) is disturbing to say the least.

George Bush is not a “kind man with a gentle heart.” He is a prolific killer and a deeply stupid man. Parker makes him sound like Santa Claus.

Perhaps Bush should write another letter: “Dear Iraqi people, I know I ordered an invasion of your country for absolutely no reason that killed untold thousands and squandered my own nation’s fortunes in the process. Please pray for my soul. Sincerely George W. Bush.

P.S. I feel your pain, that I caused.”

Parker can put all the lipstick she wants on that pig, and it won’t change a thing.

Kevin Anderson


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